Hafnarfjörđur Gallery from Iceland
by Harri Eliasson
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Hafnarfjordur Harbour Panorama!!!

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This is a gallery of photos from the town of Hafnarfjörđur in south-western Iceland by Icelandic artist Harri Eliasson. The word Hafnarfjordur is a concoction of the words hafnar (meaning harbour) and fjordur (meaning fjord). Its name comes from its excellent natural harbour that has been in use since Viking times. Hafnarfjordur, today one of Iceland's largest fishing centres, also boasts a vibrant academic and cultural life. Its architecture is an interesting blend of quaint buildings from the turn of the 20th century and more recent efforts. Enjoy and feel free to use the images as computer wallpaper. (Most images are 800x600)

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All Pictures Copyright Harri Elíasson 2001